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Film Reviews 2009-2023 (mostly taken from my Tumblr)

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Last update: 21 January 2023

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You may wonder why the reviews of "current" films cover 2009-2019. In Fall 2008 I started teaching cinema at The George Washington University, and decided I'd better start watching "new" films again so I'd be able to discuss them with my students. After seeing a fair number of films in cinemas in the 1970s and early 1980s, I'd spent most of the next several decades watching videotapes (then DVDs), cable television, and (when it was invented) the Internet, and rarely "going to the movies." Since a lot of my research was focused on Mexican cinema, propaganda, and other topics, there weren't many contemporary films on my radar (I'd catch up with some of them when they came out on VHS/DVD/streaming, etc. ) But as you can see, I gave myself a crash course in "new movies" for a few years (still mostly watching things that appealed to me, rather than "everything"). However, I've backed off from this gradually, preferring to spend my time watching films that fit my research and/or personal interest criteria. I have access to various important and/or highly popular (critically & commercially) films, but when will I get around to watching them? Life is short.